Our story

Our story began with a dream, one that transformed and touched the life of a talented group of artists and designers that needed a place to make their voice be heard. A place where the imagination takes off and manifests into meaningful vivid art collections. A common vision of sharing it with the world is how artesica came to life.

Our award-winning artists have diverse creative backgrounds; graphic designers, painters, photographers, illustrators, videographers and even musicians. They all have different sources from where they get their inspiration from and a pretty different way of communicating it to the world.

At artesica we believe that all people appreciate art but not everyone appreciates the same art. Our challenge is to channel the creative output from our artists, understand where are they coming from and help them create pattern designs transforming their work into vivid meaningful collections that reflect their unique creative style. We are constantly digging into their minds and making sure they keep the consistency needed to create a statement with their collections and be the best surface designers they can be.

Our goal is to develop pattern designs that bring a unique approach into the marketplace.

We believe that customers are looking for pattern designs that reflect their passions, they want to be able to communicate something to the world but don’t know how. We are committed to making sure they get what they want. Our customer focus approach makes us a different art studio, we want happy customers, we will deliver what they want and when they want it. Our artists truly believe in a customer centered approach.

The organic approach from an artist might have some of what the customers are looking for. Our artists understand that and are flexible enough to meet their needs without compromising their main creative.

Our focus is tailored pattern design art forms in the the textile (home décor, bedding, bath décor & Wall art) and stationary (Wrapping paper, school supplies, Journals, Greetings cards, etc) industry.